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First High School For Hearing Impaired



 Macopa St., Basak, Cebu City

  (032) 261-8181



SCHOOL PROFILECebu City Integrated Special Education Center was formerly First High School for The Hearing Impaired started 1982 as a tripartite project of the Regional DepED office VII, Cebu State College now Cebu Normal University and Quota Club International of Cebu spearheaded by Dr. Leona L. Villaflor as Regional In – charge of Special Education. The chairs and tables were originally donated by Aboitiz Company through the late Doña Maria Aboitiz.
Regional Office did the supervision, Cebu Normal University for the venue and accreditation of grades, Quota International of Cebu for funding and salaries of teachers, hand in hand with the Parents Teachers Association. This was transferred in 1992 at the vacated building of DepEd Region VII, the Regional Education Learning Center of the Project Proded. From there on, the school was fully absorbed by the Division of Cebu City, including the salaries of teachers. However, since 2007, it started a class for elementary grade hearing impaired.

Establishment of the Cebu City Integrated Special Education Center

    • Target Beneficiaries
    • Self-contained class
    • Pull-out
    • Homebound instruction
    • Hearing Impaired
    • physically handicapped hydrocephalus (homebound instruction)
    • self-contained classes
    • ALS adult mentally handicapped (Skills training)
    • Mentally Handicapped
        • Mainstreamed
    • Visually Impaired
        • self-contained class
    • child with autism (pull out )
    • children with reading writing and mathematics difficulty (pull out)
    • student at risk of dropping out (pull out)

To give the students with special needs relevant quality education for a better quality life.

The First Integrated School for the Hearing Impaired is the only High School in Cebu City to serve persons with disabilities since 1982. It is fact that so far there is no college even in government schools that offer relevant educational opportunities to persons with disabilities such as hearing impaired, visually impaired those with learning disabilities, the physically handicapped. However, the Division of Cebu City is serving many elementary grade pupils with disabilities / Special needs. In addition to these schools, the Cebu Braille Center at Cebu Normal University which was started in 1997 – 1980. This Center is exclusively serving elementary grade pupils totally founded by City Hall with accommodation & accreditation of grades by CNU & supposedly manage by a Board of Directors whose members are not educationally knowledgeable on educating the visually impaired CNU is not monitoring & supervising the center. Monitoring and Supervising are seemingly left to change. It is hereby strongly recommended that this center be made and integral part of the SPED Program of Cebu City Division to improve & expand its educational opportunities from elementary to high school & college of the Hearing Impaired and Visually Impaired learning disabilities & others only be assured if Cebu City Division will convert the Forest High School for the Hearing Impaired to the Cebu City Integrated Special Education Center.

The School commits itself to the promotion of education of the Children with Special needs through relevant lifelong learning in order to give them equal opportunities with the normal person.


      1. To provide quality education responsive to the needs and challenges.
      2. To strengthen faculty commitment towards realization of relevant education to persons with disabilities in compliance with R.A No. 7277 as amended.
      3. To provide opportunities for the development of social /daily living skills and livelihood skills for open industry or self – employment.
      4. To establish linkages with civil minded citizens, GOs and NGOs for funding of technical skills training needed livelihood after the process of education in school.
      5. To help the students lead a productive life through self – help activities or open employment.
      6. To enable the students to become what they can become in spite of their disabilities.


  • Geography

Area of the School: 3110 sq. mtr.

  • Topography


  • Social Economic

Above Average

  • Political

The barangay is run three barangay captains. Basak San Nicolas, Basak Pardo and Basak Quiot pardo. Famous politicians reside in this big barangay.

  • Economy

The community is peaceful because the residents are retirees and office workers.

  • Socio Cultura

In these barangays there are three schools in a compound; Don Vicente Rama Elementary Memorial School. Don Vicente Rama National Memorial High School and the Cebu City Integrated Special Education Center. These two regular schools always compete in different schools in Cebu City like Sinulog which is a yearly activity of the city and this Special Education Center Cooperates in some other ways.

  • Special Features

The school has been engaging in bringing the classroom back to life of the children special needs. All teachers engaged in Active Teaching and Learning process employing the cooperative learning procedure. Computer connected with the internet brings the students / pupils interest back in the classroom. We have been aiming to win the learners back to school as place of fun, friendly and fostering atmosphere for learners functionally literate.

  • Physical facilities

With the collaborative participation the parent NGOs, Gos teachers and school head the school keeps on improving in terms physical facilities.

  • Bakery Equipment from Mission for the Deaf and Rotary Club of Waterdown Canada
  • Hi - Sped Sewing Machine from Waterdown Canada
  • Air Condition Unit & Computer tables from Bigfoot Solutions
  • Quota Club International of Cebu for salary of a baker
  • PILMICO Foods Corporation for two sacks of flour every month
  • Annex Building from Sikatuna Serve & Care Club
  • 2 extension rooms from UV MAT SPED student

  Community Profile

Basak San Nicolas and Basak Pardo are the two communities that help the three schools Don Vicente Rama Elementary School , Don Vicente Rama National High School and Cebu City Integrated Special Education Center. Although these pupils / students are not all from the place. This learner never tarries coming because of the transportation accessibility and around the school is a residential area, peaceful and conducive to learning. Famous families reside in the area, where active barangay captains are available for support, anytime.



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