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Napo Elementary School





en brave men vied for love of a very beautiful maiden. They agreed to have a fight and the one who would survive would win the maiden's love. Unluckily, no one survived in the fight, they all died and the maiden disappeared. Thus Napo, meaning Ten, got its name. Napo is one of the sitios of Sapangdaku, Cebu City. It is located in the hilly land. It is bounded by Baksan in the east, Babag in the west, Buhisan in the south and Kalunasan in the north. It is a 10 minute ride from the church. It lies along the riverbank, thus you have to cross a fifty – Meter Bridge to reach the school. The trees that surround the school provide a natural freshness, which is very conductive to the health as well as the learning environment of the pupils. Napo Elementary School was established in 1948. It has an area of 5000 sq. meters. It was acquired through purchased in the amount of the One hundred fifty pesos (150.00) Philippine Currency from the Mr. Bernardo Zabate. It is complete mono grade school.



Napo Elementary School is an institution envisioned for academic excellence and value-laden individuals with committed and innovative stake holders.


To provide innovative technologies for the development of the potentials, capabilities and values of every clientele to become an asset to the society.


To improve learners performance in the Division of Cebu City.


ESTABLISHED: May 31, 1948 alt

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