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  • Top 10 from Cebu

    SIXTEEN examinees earned the 10 best scores in the latest licensure exam for certified public accountants (CPA). Ten of them graduated from a university in Cebu.

    Six graduates from the University of San Carlos (USC) and four from the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) were on the list of topnotchers released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

    Among them was Trisha Elaine Yu Cabanlit of USC, who couldn’t believe it when she was told she placed fourth.

  • Cebu City has more than P8 billion in its coffers, according to BLGF report

    THE Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) finished yesterday its two-day cash audit of the Cebu City Treasurer’s Office (CTO).

    Their evaluation showed that the City Government’s cash position is around P8.48 billion, a finding which Acting Treasurer Diwa Cuevas said will hopefully settle the issue that the City is in a financial mess or is bankrupt.

    “They had doubts that the daily cash report submitted to them would not reconcile with the bank and cash balances. That the figures would be bloated. Now, it is proven that the money is there,” Cuevas said in Cebuano.

  • Voucher ‘not enough’ for private school tuition

    SOME parents still prefer sending their children to public high schools due to the high tuition in private schools.

    This, despite the offer of the Department of Education (DepEd) to provide “vouchers” for public school students who want to proceed to senior high school in private educational institutions.

    Amaryllis Villarmia, DepEd 7 public information officer, told Sun.Star Cebu yesterday that some parents are complaining that their Senior High School (SHS) voucher program cannot shoulder the cost if their children are enrolled in private schools.

  • CHR ‘frowns on’ P50T reward

    GIVING a reward to police officers who kill suspected drug personalities and criminals might create a “bounty hunter culture,” according to a Commission on Human Rights (CHR) official.

    Chito Gascon, CHR commissioner, said police are “obligated to follow rules of engagement and protocols when they undertake law enforcement procedures.”

  • CSC ask incoming officials to observe civil service rules

    THE Civil Service Commission (CSC) reminded incoming elected and appointed officials to observe the rules on the appointment and movement of personnel to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of public services.

    When the new officials assume their posts on June 30, public officials should take note that all appointments in the civil service shall be made only according to merit and fitness, CSC Chairperson Alicia dela Rosa-Bala said.

  • Rama ‘allies’ leaving CH

    MORE key officials are resigning from the Cebu City Government with the impending change of leadership at City Hall come July 1.

    Those who are leaving City Hall include Local School Board (LSB) Chief Ronald “Raddy” Diola, Atty. Jade Ponce of the Solid Waste Management Board, Land Management Council and the Septage Management Board, and Department of Engineering and Public Works (DEPW) Chief Jose Marie Poblete.

    All of them said their positions are coterminous with that of Mayor Michael Rama whose term will end on June 30.

  • Editorial: Fatal mistakes

    SIX out of every 10 voters last May 9 did not choose Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, whose presidency will begin in less than six weeks. Nearly half out of every 10 voters in Cebu City also did not pick Mayor-elect Tomas Osmeña.

    All of these voters will now have to come to terms with the leadership style that both election winners represent. If Duterte and Osmeña’s tough talk is any sign, it may very well be a paternalistic regime, at least as far as the campaign against crime is concerned.

  • Carvajal: Dynamics of growth

    IF control of the Philippines’ total resources were a tug-of-war between pro-masses and pro-elite political parties, the score so far of the best-of-infinity series would be masses “zero win” and elite “zero loss.” That would be because the masses, the vast majority of Filipinos, have no political party to represent them in the policy-making bodies of government. National policies are crafted exclusively by parties that represent the interests of big money and big privilege.

  • Wenceslao: Bashing Church leaders

    I THOUGHT that after he won in the May 9 elections, presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte would already start the healing process and more than that act and talk presidential. He didn't. Instead, he is picking once more his critics, especially the leaders of the Catholic Church. It looks like we are in for a tumultuous six years, that is if we will not descend into anarchy before that.

  • Barrita: Harvest of balimbings

    WE passed by Davao City Sunday on our way home from a big Rotary International District 3860 affair in Gen. Santos City, where advertising magnate Mary Ann Solomon was installed as the new district governor.

    Davao City, home of presumptive president Rody Duterte, is known for its many fruits, among them, the ever present durian. But some fruits will be in season in August yet.

    Guess what fruit is in season now? It’s the balimbing, and it’s not even sold in fruit stands in Davao.


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