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  • Animal kingdom

    LOOKING for a new pet? Maybe a puppy, a hamster or some lovebirds? Or for something a little less expected, perhaps an arowana, a stingray, a parakeet or a gecko? Piper’s Pet World has them all, and then some.

    The Sih family, who owns Piper’s, has been in the pet business since 1996, starting out by breeding a lot of fish at home. It came to the point that they had so many, they decided to sell some of them. They started breeding and acquiring animals for sale, and the Cebuano public responded well.

  • Moises and Palmares: To tell or not to tell

    Michelle: To tell or not to tell, that is the question. Tell what? A lot of things that we keep to ourselves and which nobody else knows is a burden that some of us might want to unload or share with someone we trust. As with all secrets that have been closely guarded, there is a fear that telling someone in confidence might just be the bane of one’s existence. A reader named Xander wrote and asked for advice on whether or not he would tell his girl bestfriend that he has feelings for her. Even with all the love bursting in his heart, I can understand his hesitation.

  • Luab: Traffic jams and flooding are here to stay

    IT is time for us to help ourselves. We have to stop whining about the flooding and the traffic jams. We cannot solve these two problems overnight so let’s help ourselves.

  • Garaña: Celebrating aging

    Dear Cindy,

    On my coming birthday, I’ll be turning 50—the golden age. It has been years since I remembered feeling excited for my birthday because there’s the matter of mortality.

    However sweet the spotlight, delicious the cake, splendid the presents, for me, a birthday is a reminder that time is passing, that this day—will never come again. Birthdays remind us of our impermanence.

  • Sesante: Diving sex drive

    Dear Dr. Dana,

    My husband and I have three children and life is hectic to say the least. Although I love my husband very much, our feelings toward each other have gone from passionate to “compassionate.” Intimacy is certainly not a term we’re very familiar with these days.

    I’m only in my 40s and I’m just wondering why our sex drive has taken a nosedive. What’s happening to me?


    Dear Eleanor,

  • Solon: Weight Loss - Part 2 (Nutrition)

    ON my previous article, I taught you how to compute for your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is the necessary energy your body needs in order to retain its vital functions.

    Please note that I only need 1,915 calories to survive.

    Your goal with nutrition is simple; you want to “eat around” your BMR in order to ensure that you’re not compromising your body’s vital functions. I expect you will also be working out during this time, so that will also cause a calories deficit.

  • Murder complaints filed vs owner, crew of ill-fated ferry

    MANILA, Philippines — Police in Ormoc City have filed multiple murder complaints against the owner and the crew of M/B Kim Nirvana that capsized shortly after pulling out of port, leaving more than 50 dead.

    Senior Inspector Rio Tan of the Ormoc City police says the complaints were filed with the local prosecutor late Friday as the 36-ton motorbanca was lifted from the water.

    Regional Coast Guard Commander Captain Pedro Tinampay said Saturday that at least 59 died and 145 survived, including all 18 crew members.

  • Ferry death toll: 45

    TEN more bodies were recovered from the ferry that capsized off Ormoc, raising the death toll to 45 with one person still missing, the Coast Guard said yesterday.

    An official from Cebu Province reported a higher death toll, 48, but the authorities have yet to reconcile their lists. Pilar Mayor Jesus Fernandez Jr. confirmed that five persons from his town who were listed as dead were still alive.

  • Loved ones lost, found after Nirvana

    AS AMEFEL Fernandez, 44, hugged her husband tight, her tears fell.

    Nagpasalamat ko sa Ginoo nga gidungog akong pag-ampo (I thank God for He answered my prayers),” she told Danny Mercury Fernandez, barangay captain of Upper Poblacion, Pilar, Camotes in Cebu.

    Aw mao lagi, part, pasalamat ko naluwas ko (I’m thankful, too, that I’m safe),” Danny replied.

  • Missing at sea

    DUE to bad weather, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) suspended its search and rescue operations for the seven fishermen who went missing since Thursday.

    The seven fishermen were on board an outrigger motorboat, Inday Sweet, which headed out to the Visayan Sea from Victorias City in Negros Occidental.

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