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  • Konichiwa, bai!

    CEBUANOS have a particular liking to Japanese cuisine with Japanese restaurants growing like mushrooms all over Cebu. The rich balance of flavors that come with every bowl of ramen or a plate of sushi has Cebuanos going “Konichiwa!” to scrumptious bowls of food that hail from the land of the rising sun.

    But gorging on authentic Japanese cuisine can sear a hole in one’s pocket as good food can sometimes be over one’s budget. That’s when Sushi Boy comes in and saves the day.

  • Time to eat like a viking

    INSPIRED by more than nine nations and cultures from around the world, Cebu City welcomes a great dining experience that awaits it. Vikings Luxury Buffet, the largest buffet restaurant in the Philippines and an international award-winning food chain in the country, is set to open soon in The Northwing, SM City Cebu to provide everybody the best there is in the eat-all-you-can dining style.

    How can diners say no to a long line of mouth-watering cuisine as Vikings Cebu boasts of offering them with a variety of food that the restaurant’s chefs have specially prepared?

  • Sira-sira Store: Hint for cucumber

    THE first time my nephew Pannon had cucumber salad, he said “it is the best vegetable” he has ever tasted.

    Though technically a cucumber is a fruit, it is also served as a vegetable. Some sticklers for exactness call it fruit vegetable, the way people call carrots and beets as root vegetables. I simply call cucumbers versatile and pleasant for anyone at any age.

    It’s very flexible and sometimes I wish I could be as flexible as a cucumber. That aside, let me share with you some of my cucumber hints, which are also very flexible.

  • Jo de Vivre: Timeless, tireless at 10

    TIME certainly flies when you’re having fun. After years of regular invites for countless culinary journeys and other events, Marco Polo Plaza, one of the city’s finest hotels, has timelessly and tirelessly turned 10.

    Resident manager Xavier Maisson mentioned that instead of having one large party to celebrate the hotel’s 10th anniversary, the team is holding a series of events for different groups of guests. But, who knows, there might still be a surprise celebration in store later this year.

  • Shop, dine with mom

    HAS one ever wondered if flowers, chocolates or jewelry truly work magic with moms on Mother’s Day?

    None of these sweet traditional treats are on mothers’ wish list for Mother’s Day as most of them desire for nothing but a day off from parenting—freedom from urgent to-do lists, household chores and tantrums of the kids, even just for one day.

    With Mother’s Day just around the corner, why not make this year’s celebration a lot more memorable by granting their biggest wish—a Mommy Me-Time day off doing anything and everything that makes her happy.

  • Savor great Swiss ice cream

    AS the summer heat and temperature rises, and everyone heads out to the beach, thoughts turn to the refreshing comfort of creamy, cool ice cream.

    In Cebu, the best of this creamy dessert can be found at Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu. This five-star Mediterranean-inspired beachfront property is, to date, the only establishment in the Philippines that carries the line of the Movenpick brand’s world-renowned collection of ice cream creations.

  • Cebu schools ready for elections; water supply a concern

    SOME principals from different schools in Cebu City who will serve on Election Day, May 9, have expressed concern over water supply in polling centers, but assured that they are almost ready for the polls.

    Below are how principals of at least five Cebu City schools see their preparations as of Thursday, May 5.

    Lahug Elementary School -- Barangay Lahug

    A total of 26,706 people are expected to cast their vote at the Lahug Elementary School in Barangay Lahug, Cebu City, on May 9.

  • No major hitches in final testing, sealing of VCMs

    NO MAJOR hitches were encountered during the final testing and sealing of vote counting machines in Cebu and Mandaue City on Friday, May 9.

    The Commission on Elections (Comelec) and the Board of Election Inspectors conducted the final testing and sealing of the VCMs starting 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. to make sure these will function properly on Election Day.

    [READ: Final testing, sealing of VCMs today]

  • Police pursuing Medellin mayor for shooting ex-security officer

    CEBU (Updated) -- A hot pursuit operation was launched Friday, May 6, against the incumbent mayor of Medellin town in northern Cebu after the official allegedly shot a former Capitol chief security officer.

    Cebu Provincial Police Director Clifford Gairanod said in an interview Friday that based on witnesses' statements, Medellin Mayor Ricardo Ramirez shot Loy Madrigal after a fist fight around 7 a.m. in Bogo town.

  • Final testing, sealing of VCMs held in Cebu

    THE Commission on Elections (Comelec) and some Cebu City Hall employees conducted Friday, May 6, the final testing and sealing of vote counting machines (VCM) at Guadalupe Elementary School.

    NOW: Cebu City Hall, Comelec staffs unload vote counting machines for today's final testing & sealing. @sunstarcebu

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