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Lusaran National High School





usaran National High School is located in barangay Lusaran, Cebu City with a distance of 40 kilometers from the heart of the city. The school has a total land area of 3, 574 square meters donated by Mr & Mrs. Fausto Ermac. The operation of the school strated in 1995 in response to the request of the community to open a secondary school in the barangay.

The school was initially managed by Dr. Emiliano B. Elnar Jr. followed by his succesors, Dr. Mae Curro- Carampatana, Dr. Luis O. Derasin, Mrs. Remedios R. Mauro, Mr. Severino Panton, Mrs. Jessica Abayon, Mr. Usaly Filomeno and Arnolfa A. Demellites since November 19, 2007 to present

Students who study in LNHS are generally from Lusaran; however, there are few students who come from the nearby towns and barangays like Cambinocot, Mangabon, Cabasiangan, Balamban, Asturias, Danao, Compostela and Tag- ubi.




An institution committed to cater a culture of excellence to every student with the unified aid of our stakeholders and their resources in providing an excellent classroom environment for students to fully exercise their abilities, skills and knowledge as weapons for them to become globally competitive and better citizens in the coutnry.

To develop the students holistically imbued with intellectual, physical, social and moral aspects is our sole mission. To touch the heart and mind of the students for better transformation in the pursuit of academic excellence and quality education.


  Date Established: 1995

  Proper Lusaran, Lusaran, Cebu City

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