Early Childhood Writing

Early Childhood Writing

Early Childhood Writing Development

Early Childhood WritingLearning to write involves a synthesis of numerous skills. A child needs to not only recognize and order…

Social and Emotional Development Begins

Social and Emotional Development Begins

When Social and Emotional Development Begins

When Social and Emotional Development BeginsClearly, social and emotional development can begin as early as birth, but these developments tend…

Encourage Reading

Encourage Reading

Early Childhood: It's Important to Encourage Reading

Early Childhood: It's Important to Encourage Reading There is a magical time between ages 3 to 7 when children expand…

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“Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.”
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  • Lokim Adi : googd afternoon mam may i know when will be the next ranking for secondary teachers thank you very much
  • Cassie Orbis : Hi gud pm madam.. I would like to ask if when madawat ang salary sa sub..?? Murag hapit naman gud end of the year.. Wala gihapon. Hope mahatag na tawn before christmas. Salamat!
  • LOGON ELEMEN : Mudonate ang TUPPERWARE og 100 thousand if makakota sila og 300 thousand but if dili pud makakota ang school og 300 ,dili pud modonate ang tupperware .Unfair kaayo ang mga teacher ani na school maam ky bisan nibALIBAD ANG PARENts na dili sila mokuha sa raffle tickets ila kini ihatag sa mga students which is klaro kaayu na pinug sunoy.Ky bisan dili gnahan ang parents mukuha ila man jud ihatag.
  • LOGON ELEMEN : Hello po naa lang unta mi i complain about diri sa Logon Elementary School sa Daanbantayan Cebu.Karun man jud buwana nagkagubot ang mga parents sa mga student ky nag general meeting sila.Then kaning meetinga about ni sa mga raffle tickets sa TUPPERWARE.Ila ni i distribute to every student sa elementary which is agains ang mga parents ky 1 booklet is 300 pesos so what if they have 5 children studying dako ila mabayran.Kani daw TUPPERWARE Maam ky mudonate sa school if makabaligya sila og og bookle
  • LOGON ELEMEN : Hello po
  • LOGON ELEMEN : Hello po
  • Gladys Ann T : Hello Gud pm!may i ask po when will be the schedule fo passing of pertinent papers for the ranking next year?Please do reply po..Thank you!
  • Maria Gloria : Hi, will be posting an updated list of appointed applicants for SY: 2014 – 2015?
  • Sheena Calum : Thank you!!!! Hope ma aksyonan ni 2 be fair with others
  • Sheena Calum : or naa lng jud kaila sa school mismo?
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