E-Class Record Templates

E-Class Record Templates

The Electronic Class Record Templates for Grades 1-10 subjects are now available for download.

TAYO Para sa Edukasyon

TAYO Para sa Edukasyon

Let us work together in our continuing efforts on nation-building. Together, let us stand for education!

School Calendar for School Year (SY) 2015-2016

School Calendar for School Year (SY) 2015-2016

The official school calendar is now available! Mark your calendars for the upcoming school events and activities.

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Message from the Division Head

“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.”
Arthur C. Clarke

Bianito DagatanWelcome!

It is our great pleasure to provide everyone easy access to the Department of Education, Cebu City Division's database online.

With utmost desire to promote quality education for all, this website was created to continuously inform and make educational leaders, teachers, parents, students and benefactors aware of the Department of Education's development and progress. Through this, the stakeholders can keep track of the department's programs, projects, and activities.



DepEd- Division of Cebu City is now ACCEPTING TEACHER – APPLICANTS FOR SENIOR HIGH starting February 1- 17, 2016 for School Year 2016-2017 


Applicants for Permanent Positions

Applicants for Part-Time Position


Mandatory Requirements

·         Letter of intent which shall indicate the following information:

o   Statement of purpose/expression of interest

o   Subject group he/she intends to teach

o   Preferred school(s), if any

·         CSC Form 212, Revised 2005 (Personal Data Sheet) in two (2) copies with the latest 2x2 ID picture

·         Certified photocopy of certificates of relevant specialized trainings, if any

·         Certified copy of Vote’s ID and/ or any proof of residency

·         National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance

·         Omnibus certification of authenticity and veracity of all documents submitted, signed by the applicant



Additional requirements

·         Certified photo copy of Diploma on Bachelor’s degree

·         Certified photocopy of Transcript of Records with at least 15 units of specialization in relevant strand/ specialized subject

·         Certified photocopy of Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) professional ID card/certificate of registration/license

·         Certified photocopy of ratings obtained in the Licensure Examination for teachers (LET)/Professional Board Examination for Teachers (PBET)

·         Written approval from his/her head of unit if he/she is currently employed by the national government or the local government unit.

Additional requirements for TVL teacher-applicants

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) National Certificate (NC) of at least one level higher than course to be taught in subject to be taught (e.g NC-III in SMAW to teach SMAW-NC-II) or same level if there is no NC level higher. Exceptions are given to applicants for courses with no National Certificates (e.g. Handicraft courses)

Additional requirements for TVL teacher-applicants

·         Certified photocopy of Trainers Methodology Certificate (TMC) if available

Additional requirement for Arts and Design and Sports Tracks teacher-applicants

·         Certified photocopy of Certification of Proficiency/Recognition from recognized and respectable relevant associations/organizations/guild

Additional requirement for HEI/TVI faculty

·         Certified photocopy of Certification of Status of Employment/Service Record from HEI/TVI


1. Applicants shall register to the Department’s online system at application.deped.gov.ph, where  they must encode their Personal Data Sheet (PDS) and select the division where they want to be ranked.  Once submitted, a unique applicant number will be issued.  In the submission of application requirements, the UAN shall be indicated, if available.

 2. An applicant shall submit to the SDO or the school head of the SHS where a teacher shortage or vacancy exist, a written application, supported by the above documents.

 3. Academic personnel applicants from HEIs must present a Certificate of Service Rendered and of Good Standing from his or her previous employer with the information listed below, if available.

             a. Employee’s name

            b. Job Title

            c. Duration of services rendered by the applicant employee

 4. All applicants are advised to be guided with the following schedule:

             a) Acceptance of Application             - February 1 – 17, 2016

            b) Interview and Demonstration         - February 22 – 26, 2016

            c) English Proficiency Test                 - schedule to be announced later

 For your guidance kindly refer to Deped Order No. 3 s. 2016.



a) Acceptance of application  - February 1- 17, 2016.

b) Submission of template, soft copy along with the applicant’s pertinent papers will be on February 18, 2016 only.  

c) Interview and Demonstration          - February 22 – 26, 2016

d) English Proficiency Test                 - schedule to be announced later


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Reminders: All teachers applicant should register online at http://application.deped.gov.ph

DepEd – Division of Cebu City is now ACCEPTING TEACHER APPLICANTS FOR PRESCHOOL, ELEMENTARY and JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL for School Year 2016 – 2017.

1.) An applicant shall submit to the nearest elementary or secondary head a written application supported by the following documents:

·         CSC Form 212 (revised 2005) in two copies with the latest 2 x 2 ID picture (Download here)

·         Certified photocopy of PRC License (Date of validity should not be expired at the time of application)

·         Certified photocopy of ratings obtained in the Licensure Examination for Teacher/Professional Board Examination for Teachers

·         Certified copies of transcript of records for baccalaureate course with computed weighted ratings

·         Copies of service record, performance rating and school clearance for those with teaching experience

·         Original copy of Certification of Residency, VOTERS ID/VOTERS AFFIDAVIT

·         NBI Clearance


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Only registered users are allowed to submit their issue(s).

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